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December 19, 2008


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wesley frank

Typical city hall hypocricy. 65 defacto brothels pay $217.00 a year business licence and city hall is blind whereas an individual is condemned if she provides the same service. Maybe all individuals who work in the sex trade should apply for a business licence and invite the media to see the political hypocricy. As far as the comparison to slavery it's obvious the writer is not a person of color. Nothing is mentioned about the "white" connection.

Jennifer Lee

"Human Trafficking Thrives Under Radar" .... isn't it time to focus on the reason human trafficking continues to thrive - it only thrives because the focus is on the women providing the service. Just as an experiment, why not focus on the men soliciting the services of these women and, in some cases, mere girls? The location of the brothels is obviously well known or no one would find them - set up a camera outside of each brothel; take a picture of each car's license plate that visits these "health enhancement centres" and see how healthy they are when their wives see the license plates listed on the front page of the Vcr Sun. I would expect that the line-up for services would deplete rapidly if the men knew that they could get caught and lose everything they hold dear to them in more ways than one.
As long as men continue to seek out the "services" of these women, trafficking will continue. But tell me, who has the problem?
There would be no need for "inventory" if no one was shopping.
If the longest business in history is to continue, then do it properly - legalize it, complete with health & safety regulations and regular ongoing support to any worker who requires it. Ensure that all users pay the GST as an entertainment tax - better yet, the government could tax prostitution like tobacco and alcohol - jack them up so that those who use, pay. The more organized illegal activities that continue, the more altercations such as shootings, knifings, turf-wars will continue as a result.


I agree with you Mark. And I asked Robertson before the election what he was going to do about prostitution, and I got the same response: He was against legalization and wanted to have some roundtable discussion. I also pointed out the city makes thousands of dollars annually in licensing fees for escort agencies.
I then asked him if he thought prostitution was inevitable or possible to end. (Those who take the inevitable approach tend to favour harm reduction.) And he definitely thought it would never end.

Fazeela J

Thank you for your scathing analysis of Vancouver's lack of adequately addressing a growing concern over prostitution and trafficking as the Olympic games approach. The local demand for sex (that will only increase as tourists arrive in 2010) creates an incentive for traffickers to smuggle women and children into Vancouver. If prostitution is legalized, Vancouver will become an uncontrollable haven for traffickers and sex tourists, evidenced by the same in Amsterdam. Legal brothels do not make prostitution safer for illegally trafficked women and children who cannot participate in them - they will remain the most vulnerable, relagated to the dangerous life of the streets or illegal brothels. Not to mention that even legal brothels do not provide a safe place for women; prostitution in itself is violent and it would be a huge step backward to legitimize men's ability to buy and sell women as they please by justifying it with income tax and benefits. The state should not be able to profit from sexism, racism, and violence. We should be putting what little resources this city has devoted to social welfare to providing detox and exit services for prostituted women, and a guaranteed livable income instead of the deplorable welfare we have now - maybe then, when women have more of a choice than between starving or selling their bodies, will the myth of the glamourous, rich prostituted woman be unearthed.

Karen G.

Congrats on being brave enough to actually name the obvious problems with prostitution in this city instead of just dancing around the legalization issue.
Unfortunately those who dispute the realities and harms of prostitution don't have to believe some Salvation Army report. All the evidence is right in front of us on Vancouver's streets, inside massage parlors or health enhancement centres or just a phone call away in the dozens of ads sitting in the back of local newspapers.

Trip Casey

Racist? You're kidding, right? The article you wrote was racist.


Congratulations on throwing away what little of your career that you actually had with that racist NBA piece. Now I know why the NBA removed the Grizzlies from Canada.


You are racist. You claim you know what's best for the black race? That ghetto gutter article was embarssing and I'm ashamed to be a Vancouverite because of you.

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